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Professional Early Intervention

Speech Therapy develop your child's communication skills.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy helps children overcome speech impairments (such as stuttering and lisps).  This type of therapy uses communication aids to help children develop better articulation and communication skills.  Activities such as tongue exercises, speech practice, and use of visual aids help children to correct speech disorders. Speech therapy is available in Spanish.

Language Development in Children

 Children follow roughly the same language development pattern, as described below.  If your child seems to be behind, please contact Professional Early Intervention to see how we can help.  Your child's language development is vital, and early intervention will help him or her to stay on the right track.

  • 6 months - some vocalization, responds to his name and to voices
  • 12 months - says a couple words and word fragments, understands simple directions
  • 18 months - has a 20-word vocabulary, mostly nouns, and can follow simple commands
  • 24 months - creates two-word sentences with a vocabulary of 250-some words
  • 36 months - uses pronouns and some past tense, understands simple questions, speaks intelligibly 90% of the time
  • 48 months - can name common objects and colors, can repeat four-syllable words, repeats many words and phrases and syllables
  • 60 months - knows common opposites, can count to 10, is completely intelligible, can say nine-word sentences, uses compound and complex sentences, is mostly correct grammatically
  • 6 years - can tell connected stories and can see relationships between objects and motions
  • 7 years - understands opposites, can do simple reading and writing

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Professional Early Intervention

Speech Therapy
...helps children overcome speech impairments (such as stuttering and lisps) | more

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