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Speech Therapy
help develop your child’s communication skills.

Speech Therapy helps children overcome speech impairments (such as stuttering and lisps).  This type of therapy uses communication aids to help children develop better articulation and communication skills.  Activities such as tongue exercises, speech practice, and use of visual aids help children to correct speech disorders. Speech therapy is available in Spanish.

Occupational Therapy
preparing children for every day life

Occupational therapy in children helps them improve physical and social skills while building self-esteem and mental acuity.  Through a variety of fun activities, children better prepare themselves for school and other daily activities.  Teachers identify hindrances for each child and are thus able to help them in specialized ways.  Occupational Therapy allows the provider to work to meet the child’s specific needs for activities of daily living.

Play Therapy
a community-based rehabilitative service

CBRS or Play Therapy is a therapeutic intervention primarily for children birth to 3 years of age.  Play therapy utilizes play-based intervention  to achieve specific goals while facilitating overall development.  Play based therapy is provided in the child’s most natural environment such as home or daycare and can focus on the following areas:  cognitive, gross or fine motor, communication, self help or social emotional.  In order for a child to receive play therapy an evaluation is required.

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