Helping Children Grow

…through expression, learning, and therapy.

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Professional Early Intervention

The goal for Professional Early Intervention Services is to assist families with at-risk or special needs children. We provide maximum opportunities for children to reach their full developmental potential.

Professional Early Intervention Services is dedicated to providing

Educational, Emotional, Expressive, and Learning Opportunities

that stimulate your child’s overall development.

Our Services


Speech Therapy

…helps children overcome speech impairments (such as stuttering and lisps).


Play Therapy

…is a therapeutic intervention primarily for children birth to 3 years of age.

School Girl Assembling Puzzle

Occupational Therapy children, helps them improve physical and social skills.

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Early Intervention

Improve your child’s ability to develop and learn.

The costs and benefits of early intervention services must be measured and studied in terms of cost efficiency and outcomes for children and families. Focusing on the Primary Developmental Areas, Professional Early Intervention Services can help improve children’s ability to develop and learn.